Jaw type mobile crushing station can also be based on the actual production needs to remove the circular vibration screen, and the material is directly broken, and then cooperate with other crushing equipment for specific operations, convenient, flexible.

Jaw type mobile crusher is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, especially suitable for highway, railway, water supply and power supply engineering flow crushing operation, can be used to crush a variety of materials.

Jaw type mobile crushing station is the development of our company launched the construction of garbage crushing professional equipment, greatly expanded the coarse crushing, crushing operation concept. The purpose of its design concept is stand in the position of customers and fully adapt to all kinds of mobile crushing, remove the broken ground, complicated environment, basic configuration and complex logistics to customers breaking barriers, as the primary solution.

jaw type mobile crushing station for sale

Performance characteristics of jaw type mobile crushing station:

Vehicle type crusher and feeder and high intensity vibration screen, crushing ratio, short length, light weight.

Integration of the entire set of units, eliminating the complex components of the complex site infrastructure and ancillary facilities installation operations, reducing the consumption of materials, hours.

Convenient transportation, strong maneuverability, strong adaptability, and convenient maintenance.

To reduce the cost of material transportation, the first line of the material can be broken on the spot, the material is removed from the site and then broken, the middle part of the process, greatly reducing the cost of transportation of materials.

The steering shaft is convenient for the road transportation and the site to be deep, and the integral structure of the motor and the control box is arranged.

Working principle of jaw type mobile crushing station:

The material is transported to the uniform feeder crusher, jaw crusher preliminary broken, the circular vibrating screen form a closed system, realize the circulation of the material crushing, finished product material from the output conveyor, continuous crushing. According to the actual production needs, the jaw crusher can be used to remove the circular vibrating screen, and the material can be directly broken.