Impact type mobile crushing station is mainly used for construction waste treatment, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, etc.. According to the different types of raw materials, the scale and the requirements of the finished materials, users can use a variety of configurations.

The impact type mobile crushing station is a mobile crushing equipment with the impact crusher as the main engine, and the impact crusher is generally used as the two crushing equipment after the crushing machine.

The mobile crushing station has the advantages of high vehicle location, small width of the car body, and small turning radius, which is convenient for the ordinary road to travel, and is more convenient to drive in the rugged road environment in the broken area.

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Performance characteristics of impact mobile crushing station:

The mobile chassis of the impact type mobile crushing station is high, the width of the car body is smaller than that of the semi trailer, the turning radius is small, and the utility model is convenient for driving on the ordinary road, and is more convenient to drive in the rugged road environment in the broken area. Save time for quick entry. More conducive to the construction of a reasonable area for the overall fragmentation process provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.

Strong adaptability, flexible configuration, can be stand-alone group work independently, also can form a system configuration unit combined operation can be combined for coarse crushing and fine crushing two stage crushing and screening system and crushing, crushing and fine crushing three stage crushing and screening system, or according to the scene into the he system.

The impact type mobile crushing station can break the material on the first line, remove the material from the site and then break the middle link, greatly reducing the cost of transportation of materials. In addition, the unit can be more directly into the broken material into the transfer bucket, turn away from the scene.

Working principle of impact type mobile crushing station:

The material is transported to the uniform feeder crusher, cone crusher preliminary broken, the circular vibrating screen form a closed system, realize the circulation of the material crushing, finished product material from the output conveyor, continuous crushing. Cone type mobile crushing station can be removed according to the actual needs of the production of circular vibrating screen, the material directly to the initial fragmentation, and other crushing equipment supporting the use of convenient operation, flexible.