Cone crusher can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the different types of crushing cavity, expanding the use of broken cone crusher in the use of the field and scope of use.

Cone crusher is mainly composed of a machine frame and a fixed cone assembly, movable cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl shaped shaft frame and transmission parts; the auxiliary part of the electrical system, lubrication system and hydraulic system composed of clear cavity.

Moving cone crusher is mainly composed of high efficiency cone crusher, high performance vibrating screen, belt conveyor, motor and control box. The whole unit is installed and coordinated, which fully embodies the advantages of convenience and flexibility.

Moving cone crusher can be customized according to customer requirements, in strict accordance with the actual situation of production site custom fit cone crusher, vibrating screen, motor and other equipment, with large capacity, high efficiency, fine crushing strength, strong adaptability.

cone type mobile crushing station for sale

Performance characteristics of cone type mobile crushing station:

Optimization of cavity type, reasonable speed and stroke combination, stable and reliable performance, production capacity, production costs. By using the principle of laminated crushing, the cube product is increased, the grain size is even and the gradation is reasonable.

Large diameter spindle and heavy main frame, to ensure that the equipment durable, reliable operation. Multi point control of the independent thin oil lubrication system to ensure the dual protection of bearing lubrication. The automatic safety protection can be realized through the iron protection device and the automatic control system.

All components can be removed from the upper side or the side, so as to facilitate the assembly of the fixed cone and the moving cone assembly. Hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly clean the broken cavity, greatly reducing the downtime.

The working principle of conical movable crushing station:

The material is transported to the feeder uniform cone crusher, cone crusher preliminary broken, the circular vibrating screen form a closed system, realize the circulation of the material crushing, finished product material from the output conveyor, continuous crushing. Cone type mobile crushing station can be removed according to the actual needs of the production of circular vibrating screen, the material directly to the initial fragmentation, and other crushing equipment supporting the use of convenient operation, flexible.