RTM vertical ultrafine grinding machine with hydraulic lifting and hydraulic loading of the active roller system; feeder, roller, the analysis of the use of variable frequency speed regulation; the main motor with coupling device.

The RTM vertical superfine grinding can be used in the fields of mineral powder, abrasive material, refractory material, electronic material, ceramics, chemical industry, paper making, etc..

RTM vertical superfine grinding machine system is composed of screw feeder, main engine, fan, analysis machine, cyclone dust collector, bag powder collector, pipeline system and high frequency control system. The main engine is composed of upper and lower body, grinding roller, grinding disc, hydraulic loading and lifting system, air distribution air duct, main motor and reducer.

rtm superfine vertical mill machine

Performance characteristics of RTM vertical superfine grinding machine:

The time of the material in the mill is short, so it is easy to measure the particle size distribution and composition of the product, and the product quality is stable

Wear low, grinding roller, grinding liner with special material, long service life.

The roller can be turned out of the machine by the hydraulic device, the replacement of the roller sleeve liner and the mill overhaul space is large, and the maintenance work is very convenient.

The roller cover can be used to turn over the surface and prolong the service life of wear resistant material.

The product has uniform particle shape, narrow particle size distribution, good fluidity and strong adaptability.

The working principle of RTM vertical superfine grinding machine:

When working, will need to crush the material from the upper side of the main screw feeder evenly and continuously into the host, the disc centrifugal force rapid rotation, the material is thrown to the disc inside wall and was brought into the grinding roller and the grinding disc engagement area. The roller is loaded by the hydraulic system, and due to the difference between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, the material is crushed and crushed in the kneading zone. High pressure air flow generated by the blower through a closed loop air supply system and the pulverized powder mixing, forming a high concentration of air, the upper part of the sorting machine into the host, not up to the fineness of the particles down to the heavy millstone mill, qualified powder with airflow through the analysis of machine into cyclone powder machine. The powder is discharged from the discharge port when the powder is separated from the air.