The hydraulic cone crushing machine frame, the main shaft is made of high strength alloy steel casting, precision forging, solid and durable, suitable for medium hard material crushing.

The hydraulic cone crushing machine adopts two-way hydraulic cylinder to allow the release of iron iron through the crushing chamber, the hydraulic cleaning crushing chamber stroke, and liner wear to reduce, remove the crushing cavity block materials required for the workload.

The hydraulic cone crushing machine is mainly composed of a machine frame, a transmission device, an eccentric shaft, bearing, broken bowl, cone crushing wall, rolling mortar wall, adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, hydraulic control system, hydraulic system, insurance dust ring, lining plate, adjusting the discharge hydraulic components etc..

The hydraulic cone crushing machine is suitable for mining, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, for iron ore, copper ore, granite, Xuan Wuyan, pebbles, marble and limestone medium and moderate hardness of materials, fine crushing. Especially in the product grain shape strict requirements, high yield, high degree of automation in the broken line is preferred.

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Performance characteristics of hydraulic cone crushing machine:

The hydraulic cone crushing machine, through the use of unique special grain crushing cavity design principle of laminated crushing and matching speed, reduce the content of finished material in flaky particles, greatly increasing the yield in the cube proportion, the gradation is more reasonable, but also make the broken ratio are increased significantly.

Hydraulic cone crushing machine, hydraulic protection, hydraulic cavity, high degree of automation. The machine had iron and instant stuffy car, hydraulic top, automatic discharging, the elimination of the original spring cone crushing machine downtime manual discharging troubles, reduce downtime, improve work efficiency.

The hydraulic cone crushing machine is used to optimize the fixed structure of the traditional cone crushing machine, and the crushing efficiency of the hydraulic cone crushing machine is obviously improved by using the fixed spindle and the ball bearing. The combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity type greatly improves the output of hydraulic cone crushing machine.

Hydraulic cone crushing machine, hydraulic adjustment, dilute oil lubrication, multi point separation of hydraulic lubrication control, stable and reliable performance, to ensure that the equipment bearing lubrication dual protection and overload protection.

Working principle of hydraulic cone crushing machine:

Machine hydraulic cone crushing machine, the motor through a belt pulley and a triangular belt to transmit power to the drive shaft of cone crushing machine; cone crushing machine drive shaft and a pair of bevel gear drives the eccentric shaft rotation, crushing cone axis on the eccentric sleeve of the forced vibration under swing movement, the broken wall and rolling mortar wall and close, sometimes far away; the ore in the crushing cavity continuously by extrusion, impact and bending and is broken.