Hammer crushing machine for crushing all kinds of hard and abrasive materials, can be broken material coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick, limestone and other rocks, ores.

Hammer crushing machine not only can be used for crushing production line and sand production line, but also in the mineral processing equipment instead of cone crusher. The crusher can change the gap between the needs of users, change the size of the material to meet the different needs of different users of the crusher.

The hammer crushing machine is a special equipment for crushing stone with multiple functions. The machine has stable performance, low wear and long service life. Especially for limestone, bluestone, granite and other crushing effect is the most obvious, more stable performance, improve the degree of automation. Because of this, hammer crushing machine for more than ten years by the cement sand industry consistent.

The hammer crushing machine is composed of a casing, a rotor, a striking plate, a hammer head, a bracket and a lining plate.

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Hammer crushing machine performance characteristics:

Hammer crushing machine feed size is large, the size of the material is small, variable three broken for the first level of fragmentation, a complete implementation of a broken top of the two low cost operation. So it can reduce the cost by 35%. Is a low energy consumption, low investment equipment.

The hammer crushing machine is in general, hammer crushing machine, impact crusher and various basic mechanical principle of broken stone with a hammer blow, after the optimization, the latest generation of crushing machinery manufacturing to produce, it changed to grate control method of particle size. Reduce the hammer wear in the crushing cavity, so that the service life increase. To achieve a major breakthrough in the crushing technology, and truly achieve a multiplier effect.

Hammer crushing machine with the most sophisticated accessories, especially the selection of wear-resistant materials, the use of chromium alloy hammer, is currently the most advanced technology and the most wear-resistant metal parts.

It can break the wet material, that is to say, when the wet material is broken, water can be added to reduce dust pollution, protect the health of workers and the environment.

Working principle of hammer crushing machine:

Hammer crushing machine is mainly by the impact of the crushing of materials. The broken process is such that the material enters the crusher, subjected to high-speed rotary impact hammer and broken, crushed material to obtain kinetic energy from the head office, to rush to the frame body. At the same time, the baffle screen material, mutual impact, was repeatedly broken, less than the sieve gap material discharged from the gap inpidual, larger material, and broken in the sieve again by hammer impact, grinding, extrusion, hammer material is extruded from the gap, in order to get the required size of the product.