European jaw crushing machine is a new type of crusher developed by our company following the traditional jaw crushing machine. This product is the perfect combination of modern science and technology and production practice, more in line with the majority of customer demand for automated production.

European jaw crushing machine using the most advanced crushing process, the use of advanced digital parts processing equipment, so that the internal structure of precision. There is no dead zone in the deep cavity crushing, the material will not be blocked in the crushing chamber, which can improve the production efficiency of the jaw crushing machine.

The jaw jaw crushing machine has a wide adjustment range, which increases the flexibility of the equipment and can meet the needs of a variety of users. Moreover, the equipment is reasonable in structure and small in area, and can play the most important role in the limited space. Therefore, it is widely used in many kinds of crushing process in many industries.

european jaw crushing machine for sale

Performance characteristics of the European jaw crushing machine:

The motor seat and the crusher frame integral installation method, not only saves the installation space of jaw crushing machine, reduce the belt length, and the machine frame, a motor seat, a motor synchronous movement, adjustable motor seat realize triangle belt tension adjustment, so that the belt has longer service life.

The structure of the whole cast steel bearing seat is fully matched with the frame, which avoids the unnecessary radial load to the bearing in the fastening process of the combined bearing seat, and makes the bearing operation more stable.

Heavy moving jaw jaw assembly heavy eccentric shaft, high quality heavy forging rolling bearing, finite element software optimization, ensure the jaw assembly impact resistance and high stability; labyrinth seal and centralized lubrication system guarantees the bearing grease is not contaminated, lubrication is more convenient, so the running time more and more stability.

The working principle of European jaw crushing machine:

The motor drives the belt and the belt pulley, which makes the jaw move up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw pushes the movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate, the material is crushed or broken. When the movable jaw and the movable jaw plate are withdrawn under the action of the eccentric shaft and the spring, the materials which have been crushed or broken have been discharged from the lower discharge port of the jaw plate. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the motor is crushed and discharged periodically to achieve mass production.