Double roll crushing machine has two roller crusher, according to the size demanded by the user, the roll surface is pided into flat surface of roller and roller surface surfacing in two forms, flat roller surface model is applicable to the feed grain size is less than 80mm, 1- 10mm finished product size crushing operation. The surfacing roll surface model is applicable to the medium and fine crushing of the feed grain size less than 150mm, and the grain size requirement of 5- 30mm.

The double roll crushing machine is mainly composed of roller, roller bearing, compression and adjustment device and drive device. Each component is very important for the double roll crushing machine, is the necessary parts of the equipment.

Double roll crushing machine working environment: the rotor is the "heart" of the crusher, but also the double roller crusher is very strict parts, plays a vital role in the work. As a result, Shanghai has developed and manufactured a heavy-duty rotor with a strong structure to obtain a higher moment of inertia. High wear-resistant materials and good crushing cavity, the extraordinary performance of crusher.

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Characteristics of double stick crusher:

The double roll crushing machine is mainly composed of roller, roller bearing, compression and adjustment device and drive device.

Double roll crushing machine for grain size regulation: wedge or gasket adjusting device is arranged between the two rollers, the top wedge device with adjusting bolt, the adjusting bolt when the wedge pulled up when the wedge will roll from the top fixed round of activities, namely two rollwheel gap bigger, the grain size change and when the wedge block down, movable roller wheels in the compression spring under the action of two smaller clearance, the grain size becomes smaller. Gasket device is to increase or decrease the number of pads or thin to adjust the size of the particle size of the feed, when the increase in the gasket when the two roller gap becomes larger, when reducing the gasket when the gap between the two rollers smaller, smaller particle size.

The utility model relates to a driving mechanism of a double roller crusher, which is driven by two motors, and is driven by a triangle belt to drive a roller wheel on the groove wheel. When the material is broken, the material is fed through the roller through the roller, and the finished products are discharged from the bottom of the frame.

The main structure of the gear transmission device fixed roll and movable roller, transmission shaft, body, chassis and shell, gear cover and other parts, the machine power is spread by the triangle belt on the motor wheel, through a pair of intermediate gear, the fixed roller rotation, and with the help of a fixed roll on the other end the long drive gear, a movable roller, two roll into relative motion of extruded material.

Working principle of double roll crushing machine:

Double roll crushing machine is using two separate drive roller, the relative rotation of the rolling force and grinding shear crushing material. When the device works, the motor through the speed reducer, belt drive roller and respectively fixed movable roller part to rotate, when the material into the crushing chamber of the machine, the material by the meshing force of rotation of the roll shaft material is forced to pass between the two rollers, and by roller extruding and shearing and grinding material, i.e. began to disintegrate, fragmentation of small particles along the roller rotating tangent, through the gap between the two rollers, thrown to the bottom of the machine, the large particles over the gap, continue to be broken into small particles discharged.