The rotary kiln is our common rotary calcining kiln, because the work is turning form, so we called the rotary kiln, this equipment is widely used, mainly used in cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, such as lime, so then we have the lime kiln, rotary kiln, metallurgy, cement rotary kiln and said at present belongs to building material equipment.

The building materials industry. In addition, the rotary kiln calcination of cement clinker, also calcined clay, limestone and slag drying; refractory materials in the production of raw materials by calcination rotary kiln, increase its dimensional stability, strength, and processing.

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Rotary kiln is one of the most important equipments in industrial production, and it is mainly pided into two categories: wet process and dry process. The heating mode is pided into internal heating and external heating, the main features of the material can be heated in direct contact with the flame and smoke, the fuel is pided into liquefied gas, natural gas, coal gas, etc.; heating materials do not directly contact with the flame and smoke, heat is transferred by a certain medium. The main advantage of the equipment is that it has the advantages of strong adaptability to heterogeneous materials, stable calcining process, high product quality, reasonable classification of strength grade, less ash consumption in the process of calcination, and less energy consumption.

The rotary kiln is refers to the rotary calcining kiln belongs to building material equipment. Rotary kiln can be pided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime kiln according to different materials.

Main components of rotary kiln:

Kiln head part: kiln is rotary kiln discharging part, diameter greater than the diameter, the sealing is realized through stainless steel flaps and the main part of the kiln body, maintenance port and coal injection nozzle, car, observation hole and other parts.

Kiln body part:It is the main body of rotary kiln (kiln), usually 30~150 meters long, cylindrical, middle 3~5 rolling ring. The cylinder body is processed by a factory into a 3~10 segment, which is welded by a large truck to a destination.

The kiln tail part is also an important part of the rotary kiln, the shape of the feed end is similar to that of a rotary kiln.

Rotary kiln support: rotary kiln supporting frame of the rotary kiln can make our equipment more firm, so when the work will not shake, stable production of rotary kiln support we can easily rotary kiln equipment lifting, convenient transportation.

Preheating tower: also known as preheater is the material before entering the rotary kiln by the rotary kiln exhaust gas waste heat to heat the material of the equipment, mostly for the vertical structure.

Cooling: cooling machine and preheater is opposite the rapid cooling of the device after the rotary kiln sintering material, looks like a small kiln, only smaller diameter is shorter, no need of laying bricks, which was replaced by the lifting plate.