The magnetic separator is suitable for the wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore, ilmenite and other materials with particle size less than 3mm, and is also used for removing iron from coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials. The magnetic system of magnetic separator is made of high quality ferrite material or composite with rare earth magnet steel

According to the needs of users, we can provide a variety of strong magnetic separation, such as downstream, semi countercurrent, counter current, etc.. The magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, large capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

According to the magnetic separator can be pided into permanent magnetic separator and electromagnetic iron removing machine; according to the way of dressing can be pided into dry and wet dry iron removing machine and wet iron remover; can be pided into drum magnetic separator, magnetic separator roller and roller type magnetic separator magnetic system according to different depending on the structure can be pided; is a single cylinder, double cylinder and multicylinder magnetic separator; according to the mining methods are pided into the upper part of the ore separator and the lower ore separator; according to the strength of the magnetic field can be pided into weak magnetic separator, magnetic separator and magnetic separator etc..

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Performance characteristics of magnetic separator:

Adapt to any environment. The drum can effectively improve the recovery rate of two times, and the ore dressing is cleaner.

Small size, low input, high efficiency, automatic slag removal, significantly improve the product pass rate (95%);

Is composed of a box body, two core device, two discharge device and a transmission device, a plurality of high strength permanent magnet assembled into a mesh formed on the surface of magnetic drum, and the drum deslagging device magnetic closed system.

Working principle of magnetic separator:

After the ore pulp is fed into the tank body, the ore particles are in a loose state to the mining area under the action of the water supply pipe. In the role of the magnetic field, the magnetic particles occur magnetic aggregation and the formation of a "magnetic group" or "flux", "magnetic group" or "flux" in the pulp by magnetic force, the movement of the magnetic pole, and is adsorbed on the cylinder. Due to the polarity of the magnetic poles along the rotational direction of the cylinder are arranged alternately, and fixed at work, "magnetic group" or "flux" with the cylinder rotates, the magnetic poles generated alternating magnetic stir phenomenon is mixed in the "magnetic group" or "flux" of the gangue non magnetic minerals falling in turning down, eventually being sucked in the cylinder surface of the "magnetic group" or "magnetic Lotus" is the concentrate. The concentrate is transferred to the edge of the magnetic system with the cylinder to the weakest part of the magnetic system, and is discharged into the concentrate tank under the action of the flushing water discharged by the discharge pipe. Non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left in the pulp, which is the tailings.