Flotation machine, the equipment has the ability to absorb the pulp, used in the flotation machine roughing, scavenging, selection and other flotation process. The flotation machine is a kind of inflatable flotation machine is mainly characterized by low pressure air blower vertical circulation and pulp pressing to improve the flotation efficiency, advanced processing equipment, suitable for non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral beneficiation.

The flotation machine, flotation kinetics theory and the impeller is stirring, mixing theory, analysis of the influence of impeller stator structure and system parameters, operation parameters on power consumption, designed to meet the energy requirements of the actual industrial production of flotation machine. It can effectively reduce the energy consumption and improve the economic benefit of the mine machinery factory.

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Performance characteristics of flotation machine:

The pulp circulation is reasonable, which can reduce the coarse sand precipitation.

Equipped with automatic control system of pulp surface.

Impeller with backward tilt of the upper and lower blades. The upper blade produces the pulp circulation, and the lower blade produces the pulp circulation.

Each slot has three functions of suction, suction and flotation, self forming flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, horizontal configuration, easy process changes.

The flotation machine has the advantages of high configuration, three functions of suction, suction and flotation, and no auxiliary equipment is needed. Mechanical mixing, easy operation and control, convenient adjustment. It can be combined with other equipment, the effect is better.

Working principle of flotation machine:

When the impeller rotates on the impeller blade suction to the mine and mine, tank pulp from around the bottom by the impeller sucked into the impeller blades at the lower end, at the same time, by the blower into the low pressure air through the blade distributor into impeller, fully mixed air and slurry in the impeller blades, discharged by the impeller blades around the slurry and air mixture discharge, and the leaves of discharged pulp together, which is installed on the impeller around the stator current and orientation into the groove body of the pulp, mineralized bubbles rise to the trough is formed on the surface of the foam layer and the tank part of the pulp impeller blade returns for circulation, the other through the slot through the upper partition don't take hole into the lower groove.