Drying machine is also called dryer, mainly used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical and other sectors to dry a certain humidity of the material. The drying machine has strong adaptability to the material, can be used for drying various materials, and the operation of the equipment is simple and reliable.

The drying machine adopts the new type lifter device has the function of guiding, flow and scatter the material and so on, can make the material fully evenly distributed in the radial section of the dryer, and become thin material screen, full contact state, hot air flow, to make full use of heat energy to.

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The drying equipment is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, supporting device and sealing ring.

Dryer heat is mainly used in various combustion and air combustion products, steam, hot water, electricity, heat and drying machine selection also affects the operation cost of the dryer, so in the choice of the dryer heat source must comply with local conditions, the safety of the heat source, is environmentally friendly, is a few in terms of drying materials and materials after drying quality requirements for selection of appropriate heat source.

In particular, the drying slag, the advantages of the mining dryer is a large capacity, wide range of application, small flow resistance, allowing a wide range of fluctuations in operation, easy to operate, etc..

Working principle of drying machine:

The heat source of the drying machine comes from the combustion device. Therefore, it is necessary to dry the material from the feed box, feed into the cylinder into the chute, and then be pushed to the back of the spiral plate. As the dryer inclined position, material on the one hand and rotating under the action of gravity flow back, on the other hand, the material is copied repeatedly took a board and taken to the top and then keep young Caesar down to form a homogeneous material curtain in the cylinder, and the cylinder full heat flow heat exchange, due to repeated Yang scattering material and the water is gradually drying, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.