Circular vibrating screening machine and the difference between the ordinary vibrating screen is used as a power source for the exciter eccentric block, there is enough bounce screening process to avoid the influence of material just through the net rate. The phenomenon of slot sieving circular vibration screening for single and multi-layer, more and more used in electric power, mining, coal washing plant, building materials and other industries as the best choice for dry screening.

The circular vibrating screening machine is mainly composed of a screen box, a screen, a vibrator and a damping spring. If no special requirements, all kinds of screen surface can meet.

The circular vibrating screening machine is mainly driven by an eccentric wheel to generate the vibrating screening material, and the eccentric shaft is the core component of the circular vibrating screening machine.

Circular vibrating screening machine is a kind of auxiliary sand making equipment, with large quantity, high yield characteristics, is a kind of circular vibration, multi layers, efficient vibrating screen, through the cycle of the swing, the centrifugal force generated by the vibration screening material.

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Performance characteristics of circular vibrating screening machine:

Ring groove rivet connection, advanced structure, durable.

The tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation.

The utility model adopts a high strength bolt, the structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient and quick.

Advanced structure, the use of block eccentricity as exciting force, strong exciting force, low power consumption, low noise.

The utility model has the advantages of small amplitude, high frequency and high angle structure, and the screening efficiency is high and the processing is the largest.

The vibrator adopts large clearance bearing, thin oil lubrication, low noise and long service life. The other components are versatile and easy to maintain.

A variety of screening auxiliary configuration, more understanding of the customer's personalized screening needs to meet the needs of different industries, to achieve the best screening purposes.

Working principle of circular vibrating screening machine:

Circular vibration sieve box trajectory is round or oval, circular vibrating screening machine by inertial exciter vibration, the vibration source is generally driven by the motor exciter. Circular vibrating screening machine is single shaft vibrator, a spindle is fixed on the screen box is driven by a motor to rotate speed, eccentric body mounted on the main shaft rotates, centrifugal force of inertia, which can free vibration sieve box vibration approximate circular trajectory.