Belt conveyor is a general-purpose equipment, which is widely used. I research and development of the conveyor, conveyor volume, low cost. According to the needs of the working environment can not only single conveyor, but also multi machine or with other transport systems coordination.

Belt conveyor is a kind of friction drive to transport material in a continuous manner. Mainly by the rack, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tensioning device, transmission device, etc.. The utility model can form a material conveying flow between the material feeding point and the final discharge point on a certain transmission line.

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Belt conveyor can be used for conveying bulk material, and can also be used for conveying the components. In addition to the pure material transfer, but also with the industrial enterprises in the production process of the requirements of the process to form a rhythm of the flow line.

Can be used for horizontal or tilted transportation, very convenient to use, widely used in various industrial enterprise modernization, such as underground tunnels, mine transportation system, the mining field and ore dressing plant in mine. According to the transport process requirements, can be a single conveyor, but also can be composed of multiple units or with other transport equipment composed of a horizontal or inclined conveyor system to meet the needs of different layout of the operating line.

Belt conveyor has become one of the most important equipments in the whole production process. Advanced structure, strong adaptability, small resistance, long service life, convenient maintenance, complete protection device is a significant feature of belt conveyor.

Operation of belt conveyor:

Close the main power switch, check whether the power supply is normal and the power indicator light is on. After the normal operation of the next step.

Close the power switch of each circuit to check whether it is normal. Under normal condition: the equipment does not move, the belt conveyor running indicator light does not shine, the frequency converter and other equipment of the power indicator light, the inverter display panel display normal (no fault code display).

In accordance with the process of the order to start the electrical equipment, electrical equipment after the start of a normal (motor or other equipment has reached normal speed, normal state) and then the next electrical equipment to start.